Invitation by Dinaman Tuxá

This is a personal invite and address to the people of Amsterdam, by Dinaman Tuxá, the national coordinator of Brazil’s Association of Indigenous Peoples, leader of the Tuxá peoples in Brazil and Guardian of the Forest.


The World is Crying

The world is crying. Humanity is crying. We have gone blind to our connection with nature, as we rush to cut down the forest, mine the mountains, destroy the habitat of indigenous tribes and wild animals. We are out of balance with the life force of the natural world. We are entering a new era. The era of community. So it is time to step up and act as a tribe. We believe the answer to today’s challenges is the collective shift to a higher consciousness. Buddhists believe it can be done by meditation, indigenous tribes by finding strength and support in a community. We will do both.

Climate Tribe

On the evening of thursday July 18, we organize Climate Tribe. A gathering in the Wicked Grounds Warehouse. An evening filled with music, inspirational talks and group meditation to heal ourselves and the world. The past centuries, we have lost someting. Now it is time to welcome it back in again.

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Programme Climate Tribe

Climate Tribe’s programme consists of an all feminin line-up of wisdom-keepers where both the farest east, New Zealand, as the far west, the Americas, are represented.

Aunty Ivy

Aunty Ivy

Forgiving the past
Healing the present
Building the future

Tena Koe, Talofa Lava, Bula Vanaka, Yoway and Greetings,
Aunty Ivy is a Cultural Ambassador, healer & teacher. Her mentoring draws from her Homelands heritage Aotearoa, NZ. Her life’s work , honours her cultural practices embodied in a cross cultural lineage of Polynesian, Asian & European bloodlines. Her work & walk of integrity across the Globe is a potent advocacy for humanity & nature.
A frontline youth & family cultural advisor & trauma specialist, Ivy’s work is transformational. Individual, community, government & private organizations have benefited from her insights in social work, suicide prevention, mental health, drug, alcohol, substance abuse recovery, , personal healing, trauma management, conflict & crisis resolution, with an embodied cultural lore perspective, honouring elders & ancestors.

Her current passion is to support, educate & weave the coming generation with the elders and leaders through a global documentary, working to heal the effects of colonisation, cultural appropriation, racism and the paradox of the masculine & feminine. Recently Undertaking a 3 year global walk, exchanging teachings with Indigenous Elders in first nations communities, she has a potent message to the urgent call to protect sacred knowledge & lands, with a moving truth telling & deep listening advocacy.

Website Aunty Ivy

Maaike Boumans

Maaike Boumans

Maaike Boumans is a host, trainer and spoken word performer. She is one of the six female poets from En ze leefde nog ('And she was still alive'), a collection of poems published by Uitgeverij Rorschach. She founded Bright Future Lab, an organisation focused on growing skills for sustainability and leadership in young people through education.

She works with organisations, activists and businesses worldwide to help build capacity for authentic leadership, dialogue and collective wise action. She holds an MSc. in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability and is a fellow of Spiritual Ecology of St. Ethelburgha's Center for Reconciliation and Peace. In her work and life she practices kindness, generosity and curiosity and creates spaces for people to be in learning together. She strongly believes in the regenerative power of life. Maaike is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Website Bright Future Lab

Jennifer Ann

Jennifer Ann

Jennifer Ann is a medicine singer song writer from Holland/USA with her roots in mantra and medicine music. Her voice is soulful and warm and her fans describe it as a mothers embrace. She follows the traditions of mantra chanting and tribal ceremonial music. This is the groundwork for her original songs that she is now sharing with the world. These new songs are a fusion of tribal music and folk/singer-songwriter blended together as prayers for a better world.

Besides a singer, Jennifer Ann has become a well known female ceremony leader and has joined and lead ceremonies globally. Her main medicine plant has become the sacred plant of the cacao; a tradition derived from Mayan and Aztec cultures and that has quite recently found its way back into society.

Website Jennifer Ann

Max Baring

Max Baring

Screening Documentary "Guards of the Forest" Max Baring, based in London, originally trained as an anthropologist gaining an MA in Social Anthropology from Edinburgh before joining the MA course at the centre for Visual Anthropology in LA in the early 1990's. Since then Max has worked as a freelancer making international documentaries films and TV series for a wide range of broadcasters as well as films for NGOs and social enterprises. Between 2014 and 1017 Max recorded for archive all of the gatherings of the Tyringham Initiative, exploring plant sentience and entheogenic entity encounters. In 2017 Max joined PLACE; the Thomson Reuters Foundation's Land and Property Rights team (, where he has made films looking at climate migration in Mongolia, land reform in Scotland, oil and gas and the Inupiaq in Northern Alaska and illegal logging in Brazil. Max has worked all over the world but his first love has always been South America.

Vimeo Max Baring

Guardians of the Forest

This event is a fundraising and donation based. Next to connecting with beautiful spirits, the goal is to raise money. All money collected will go to our brothers and sisters in the Amazon of Brasil, the indigenous tribes that are fighting to protect their lands from an outdated political and economical system. They not only protect their land. Also ours. The Amazon. The lungs of the world.
 The salvation of the planet is in ancestral knowledge of the world’s indigenous tribes. They are the climate solution. And it is our goal to support, empower and protect the Guardians of the Forest. Because we are all one. We are the Climate Tribe.

If Not Us Then Who

This will be the charity. They will make sure your gift ends up where it is needed the most. If Not Us Then Who is a US registered charity, 501(c)(3) that supports a global awareness campaign highlighting the role indigenous and local peoples play in protecting our planet. They work in partnership with communities to make films, take photographs, curate content, commission local artists and host events. Their work aims to build lasting networks, target unjust policies, and advocate for greater rights for indigenous and local peoples to bring about positive social change.

If not us then Who

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Why? The Facts.

  • The Earth loses 18.7 million acres of forests per year, which is equal to 27 soccer fields every minute.
  • Half of the world’s tropical forests has already been cleared.
  • In 2016, global tree cover loss reached a record of 73.4 million acres (29.7 million hectares).
  • If the current rate of deforestation continues, it will take less than 100 years to destroy all the rainforests on the earth.
  • There are more than 121 natural remedies in the rain forest which can be used as medicines.
  • Over 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon forest.
  • Up to 28,000 species are expected to become extinct by the next quarter of the century due to deforestation.
  • 25% of cancer fighting organisms are found in the amazon.
  • Deforestation directly results in a hotter and more dry climate.
  • The world’s forests store 283 billion tons of carbon present in the biomass.

    Indigenous groups are the last, best hope for saving the Amazon and other tropical forests. And there’s evidence to back that up. Numerous scientific studies have found that the best way to protect forests is to empower the people who live in them, granting them land rights and legal standing. When Indigenous people live in the forests, deforestation rates remain low, which results in carbon sequestration and cleaner water.

The Venue

This event will be held in the Warehouse by Wicked Grounds, Climate Tribe is an initiative by Wicked Grounds. Corporate event spaces in Amsterdam and Rotterdam for meetings, workshop and other sort of business events.

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